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Keep the Jobs Comin’; A Look Ahead for Construction in Bend, Oregon

Even in these wild times, Bend’s construction has proven it is here to stay. The hustle and bustle of both residential and commercial jobs will extend well into 2021, and with no end in sight, projects are looking for skilled, industrial teams of all types to complete their complex visions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bend is the 2nd fastest growing city in America.

As of October, reports found Bend to be the 2nd fastest growing city in the United States, based on industry impacting factors like job growth and growth in the number of businesses. Recent real estate data backs this up with the number of home sales and a record median price for those homes.

This means an exponential spike in both commercial and residential project opportunities.

Housing inventory is at an all-time low. It’s a buyer’s market and we’re here to build!

The charm of Bend has made its way to the ears and eyes of people all over the United States. Families are moving here in droves for reasons ranging from work to play to sheer escapism. With that comes a skyrocket of housing prices and a need for more residential developments.

With homes receiving 20+ offers immediately upon listing, the time has come to get to work.

Bend voters have approved a $190 million transportation bond, accessing untapped areas of growth.

In early November, Bend voters strongly passed a $190 million transportation bond that will fund road infrastructure throughout the city. Mike Riley, the Executive Director of The Environmental Center and Go Bend 2020 Chair called it “a historic win for Bend,” and stated, “it will dramatically improve our transportation system as we continue to grow.”

Part of the growth Riley alludes to is the $36.5 million project on Reed Market Road with railroad overpass, the $10 million northbound & southbound ramp projects on Highway 97 and Murphy Road, and the $5 million roundabout and traffic light improvement at 3rd and Wilson.

Considering these factors and more, Bend’s residential and commercial construction shows no sign of slowing down. With job bids coming in from all sides, it can be hard to sort through the noise. We’re finding many contractors are unable to accept new projects for at least two months!

We can help.

Our heavy construction directory is the ONLY one in the United States, and certainly the only one with a local pulse on Bend. We deliver qualified leads in a digestible, scheduled manner, so you can focus on doing the work at hand. Our dashboard helps you manage the details of your listing and view essential KPI’s like daily user views, generated leads, rating statistics, and any low-rating alerts. It’s your one-stop-shop for information, without the bulk of managing each step yourself.

Local and national exposure is just around the corner. Pay less than $0.50 a day for the most in-the-know heavy construction assistant on the market.

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