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Social Media Plans

Creating Social Media Plans for Heavy Construction Advertising

When you start a business, it’s usually because you enjoy the work and you’re good at it. That means you like construction and you do a great job, right?

Yet the necessary evils of entrepreneurship means there are all kinds of administrative tasks to go along with the business side of things, like creating social media plans and marketing with your online presence.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got several practical tips for you to use right away. Check them out below.

Know Your Audience

You can do all the heavy construction advertising you want, but if the right people aren’t seeing it, you won’t gain new customers. Be sure you know who your typical customer is and what social media platform they are most active on. If you’re not sure, ask your current customers.

Where do they like to spend time online? Those are the places you should have a social presence, whether it’s Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin, or Tik Tok and Snapchat. Once you’re in the right place, your efforts will have a much bigger influence.

Social Media Plans and Photos

When you make your social media content plan, factor in the photos you’ll use. Creating posts is great, but without good photos, they won’t get as much attention. Customers are more likely to scroll right past a post with only words.

You can use stock photos for free from sites like Unsplash, but you can also take your own. Customers like to see who is behind the company, so ask someone to take photos with you in them.

Selfies aren’t going to cut it in the professional realm, although videos you film of yourself can work for stories and reels. Instead, use these tips to help build your photography skills and capture pictures with your face in them for more attention.

Always Include a Call to Action

Informing customers about your services is a great step in your social media marketing plan. They need to know what you do and have the most information possible to make a decision to hire you. Yet customers need to be prompted to use your services.

That sounds crazy, but it’s true. Be sure you end every post with a call to action (CTA). That means you write a line that invites the reader to do something, to take action.

These are specific, and usually in command form, like, “Call today for a free quote!” or “Send us a PM to get started on your construction project right away.” Tell them to reach out to you or contact you to book a consultation. Ask them to get a quote or start work with you.

Find Allies

Sometimes you need a friend to help. Join a heavy construction directory online for more exposure. These are sites where someone will search specifically for your type of services.

You want to make sure your company comes up in their search. Customers search by their location, so you’ll get customers from your local area. You’ll also get national exposure.

Online Presence

Building a following with your social media plans is a challenge. While running a business is difficult, handling the online social side of it can be even more frustrating. Use the tips above to get started.

Sign up for a Heavy Equipment Company Directory like this one from Weberdex to help you gain exposure.

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