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Belly Dump Truck

6 Reasons Why a Belly Dump Truck is Essential for Your Business

Do you need a more efficient way of transporting and dumping materials in an organized manner? Do you need to be able to dump large loads of gravel or dirt in specific locations, where a traditional dump truck might not fit due to its rising bed?

Belly dump trucks, which are often referred to as bottom dump trucks, allow you to dump differently. Rather than elevating the bed of the dump truck to dump the materials out the rear, a belly dump triler opens up from the bottom.

The floor of the belly dump opens up clamshell-style gates, letting your materials drop directly underneath the trailer. This makes a big difference in the types of materials that you can dump, and where you can dump them.

If you work in heavy construction, there’s a good chance you’ll need a belly dump truck sooner or later. Keep reading to learn why using one can be beneficial to your next job.

1. Easy, Fast Dumping

Belly dump trucks are some of the most efficient on the job site. This is because the wheels on the truck never need to stop moving in order to dump the contents of the truck.

With end dump trucks and side dump trucks, the truck needs to come to a complete stop before lifting the bed in order to dump. This slows down the process, which costs money on job sites.

A belly dump can initiate the discharge of the material while driving and have the entire load released over the course of about 25 feet, depending on the belly dump trailer capacity.

2. Regulate Dump Flow

Don’t want to dump all of the contents at one time? With a belly dump truck, the clamshell opening is adjustable.

If you wanted to, you could open the clam-shell gates all the way, to realease the material fast. But if less material is required, you can open the gates just a little bit, to let smaller amounts of material discharge over a defined distance.

With a belly dump truck, you have much more control over the dumping process. It’s easier to release some materials in one spot, then drive over to another spot and release the remainder. Materials can be dumped with more precision thanks to the ease of controlling the dump gate.

This is much harder to do with an end dump truck. While it can be done, it would require a lot more time and wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

3. Dump in a Line

One of the main benefits of a belly dump truck is how materials are released onto the ground. While end dump trucks just create one large pile, belly dump trucks are more strategic.

Since the trucks don’t need to stop moving in order to dump their contents, the materials can drop in a long line, rather than a single pile. This is known as windrowing.

Creating long lines of materials can make a job much easier to manage for your team.

4. Low Tipover Hazard

Belly dump trucks are much more stable than other types of dump trucks, such as the end dump and side dump type trucks. This increased stability means that there is far less risk of the truck rolling over.

End dump trucks have the most risk since a raised bed will lift weight high above the center of gravity. But with a belly dump truck, the weight never rises. The heavy-duty mechanical components are located on the bottom side of the truck.

So drivers will appreciate the comfort of knowing that there is almost no risk of tipping. This also creates safer job sites and lowers the risk of time-wasting accidents, where materials may fall out in the wrong area.

5. Great for Asphalt

One of the main reasons to use a belly dump truck is when transporting fresh asphalt. Belly dumps are used to lay windrows of asphalt in front of a paving machine, which then flattens and smoothes the asphalt across the ground.

This is much more effective for jobs that require the spreading of materials over large surfaces. Aside from asphalt, bottom dump trucks are great for transporting gravel, dirt, and landscaping materials such as woodchips and manure.

6. Dump Anywhere With a Belly Dump Truck

One of the main reasons that companies choose to add a belly dump truck to their fleet is the versatility. They can dump where other types of trucks can’t

On many job sites, you can find overhanging equipment such as cranes. Or you might even need to dump under framed-out structures. In these instances, an end dump truck wouldn’t be a good idea, as you could hit and damage these items.

A belly dump can dump virtually anywhere since no part of the truck will need to be elevated.

Where to Find a Belly Dump Truck for Sale

Are you convinced that a belly dump truck would be a good addition to your fleet? If so, you can choose to purchase them new or used. If you don’t need to own one, but just need to use one occasionally for certain jobs, you can either rent a belly dump truck or hire belly dump trucking companies to delivery your material.

Whether you want to buy, rent, or hire, you can find the right companies and individuals to work with on Weberdex. Weberdex is the most comprehensive heavy construction directory.

We’ve compiled a list of companies offering all types of services related to heavy construction and the use of heavy machinery.

And if you offer your own type of heavy construction services, you can also list your company on Weberdex to increase exposure to industry professionals and contractors in your area.

Stop Settling for Inefficient Equipment

Ready to upgrade your ability to handle large jobs? Don’t bother with dumping materials into difficult-to-manage piles using an end dump truck.

Rather, enjoy the convenience offered by using a belly dump truck on your next job site. Whether you choose to buy one for yourself or rent the heavy machinery you need in your area, you’ll be amazed by the increased dumping and hauling efficiency.

And if you are looking for other tips on how to grow your business so that you can take on more jobs in the future, be sure to check out our top marketing tips for contractors, so that the work never dries up.

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