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Asphalt Paving

3 Trends That Are Shaping Asphalt Paving Services

Like other industries, asphalt paving services are shaped by the trend that emerges in their industry and the world at large. Your business needs to read these trends and use them to its advantage. Read on to learn about three trends shaping asphalt paving services.

1. 3-D Paving

Trimble Roadworks 3-D Paving Control Platform is a piece of Android-based software designed to reference the road schematics rather than using the surface or a string-line to keep asphalt usage to a minimum. The three-dimensional view of the application allows the contractor to not only see their current stage but the stages before and after to guide them while laying the asphalt. Users of the platform can alter the interface to better reflect their workflows, and to configure the different views of the project to get a well-rounded perspective.

2. Customer Service Upgrades

The three rules every asphalt paving company needs to keep in mind when vying for customers are:

  • Your contact system needs to be flawless
  • Make sure you know your customer base as well as possible
  • Your customer service program needs to be efficient and geared towards retention

Your contact system cannot have holes in it. You need customers to be able to either stop into your office for questions, call your customer service line, reach out via social media, or find your website to contact you. Make sure it’s all smooth and easy for the customers, or you will lose potential leads, it’s that simple.

Every customer or customer group has unique attributes that you need to be aware of and understand. If you can take these attributes and correctly leverage them, by creating a connection to your customers that feels personal, then you can make the experience as enjoyable as possible for your customers. Knowing your customers and what they want is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

Your customer service program needs to serve the needs of a customer base that is used for instant gratification. Your system needs to be able to make these customers feel like important individuals, not just another person in line. If your treat your customers with respect, they will respect you, and create loyalty within your customer base.

3. Asphalt Technology

2020 was a great year for roadwork and poised to keep growing beyond expectations. Part of that is down to the technology that is emerging to make the industry safer and more efficient. Some of this technology has been around for years and is now hitting widespread usage.

Polymers are key for durability and flexibility, as well as reducing rutting and thermal cracking, along with an overall improvement in asphalt performance. Warm mix asphalt is poised to grow faster than hot mix asphalt due to warm mix’s lower fumed gas and carbon emissions. Warm mix asphalt also is related to safer work environments than hot mix, which helps to drive current growth.

The Future of Asphalt Paving Services

The trends that shape the future of asphalt paving services are poised to make the asphalt market larger than ever. Between new design and paving platforms and the technology of the asphalt itself, the asphalt market will surge in 2022, according to predictions. Knowing the trends and technology will allow your business to take advantage of this and grow.

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